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  • Welcome!

    In case you haven't guessed, I'm Jennifer. :)
    I have photographed hundreds of weddings spanning almost 14 years now!
    Photography is pure creativity at it's best and wedding photography allows me to constantly challenge my creativity.
    Please feel free to look through my site and if you think we'd be a good match, send me an email using the contact form.

Look at this stunning Kitchen design by the talented Victoria DaCosta in collaboration with Danila Di Croce of Viva la Dolce (!
White is so fresh and clean!  It really brightens up the entire house!
I love this set so much and I’m surprised at how much I love photographing kitchens!

If you are looking for a kitchen designer, shoot me a message and I’ll send you her information!

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Rain.  Every bride’s nightmare.  We pray.  We hope. And we pretend it’s just not going to happen.
But sometimes it’s gotta rain.
That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to have a back up plan.

On September 17th, Lisa and Denis got married, and yes…it rained.  It rained love. And laughter. And joy!!!
Here are my favorites from the day!

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Teri and Bryce decided on a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Alton Mill this September.
The weather was perfect and we could not have had a better day!
Sometimes, when you see two people together, you can almost feel the love in the air.   As you’ll see in the following photos, there was so much genuine love here.
At the end of the evening we convinced the onsite planner to allow this gorgeous bride and groom to do their first dance and Father/Daughter dance outside, under the stars, and the results were just magical.

I was so honoured to have my good friend Amelia Thornton from Flirt Photography second shot this perfect day with me.
Please enjoy my favorites from the day.

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You guys!!!
If you are pregnant and have never heard of Birth Photography, I strongly suggest you google it.
I ABSOLUTELY guarantee the images will seriously make you swoon and you will immediately want these!

I am so super, super excited about branching out into this are of photography!!
Like super super super excited.
Did I mention how excited I am?

Please understand, I will essentially be on-call to you from about 38 weeks on, and the amount of time I will spend with you could be quite considerable so this is a very intensive time commitment on my part, requiring a larger investment than a usual portrait session.
For more information please visit my birth photography site. Birth Photography

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  • raman blasi - March 20, 2017 - 9:41 pm


    I was forwarded to you by Alana from 1486 photography, just wanted to know if you were available for my September 18 due date birth story and if so can you please send me your prices.

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