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Behind the scenes

Have you ever wanted to have a sneak peek at what it looks like from the other side of the camera?

We work very hard at being unobtrusive at the weddings we photograph. We usually wear black or neutral colours to blend into the background should we accidentally get photographed but every once in a while we do photographed, so I thought it might be fun to share some of the behind the scenes captures with all of you.  (It’s kind of fun to look back at our changing hairstyles along the way too!)
While we take our work very seriously, it’s important to have fun and love what you do, so occasionally you might catch us being a little silly.

Here are a couple of surprise photos taken of us, while photographing family formals at the Royal Ambassador by Mike Black another great wedding photographer who happened to be shooting at the same venue.

01 - Copy

Being a wedding photographer isn’t easy you know.  We often have to share our space during a wedding, with other equally passionate photographers!


If you want to know where photographers hide, look in the bushes!  Here I am, trying to be…unobtrusive.

June 30, 2012172925

Sometimes however, you just have to come out and mingle with the guests!


Part of our job is preparing a location for a wicked shot. Here we have just set up lighting equipment and I’m testing a few shots of Lisa to make sure it’ll be perfect for the bride and groom!

September 08, 2012215643-2

One of my favorite parts of the day is during the getting ready stages.  Here we followed the boys to the barber shop!  So much fun.
To the right, an action shot of me on a beautiful summer day.  (Taken by Alan Nielson)

behind the scenes

And like I said before, every once in a while you just have to have a little fun! Taken with our dear friends Dan and Laura Forbes!

September 03, 2010191633-2

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Megan and Bobby | Royal Ambassador

Winter weddings.  Honestly it’s a love hate relationship for me.  I love how beautiful they are when the conditions are right.  I hate how cold they can be.  In a perfect world a winter wedding would have lots of snow, hard enough to walk on but soft enough to throw.  It would be just zero degrees all the time with no windchill factor and it would truly be a fairy tale.
But the reality of winter weddings is that they are usually freezing cold.  I mean seriously freezing cold. You know that kind of cold when your lungs hurt and your nostrils stick together?  Yeah, that cold.  And pictures are rushed.

Well Megan and Bobby had one of those seriously cold winter weddings.  Growing up Megan and Bobby lived just blocks away from each other and even attended the same high school, but never actually met until almost 20 years later.  They were finally introduced by friends one night.  Three years later they had a beautiful baby boy, and on February 8th they said their vows in front of all of their closest friends and family.  The Royal Ambassador is a gorgeous venue anytime of year and this amazing couple and their friends braved that cold.

In the end, the snow was too deep to walk in, our hands got numb and pictures were rushed, but we got some seriously beautiful photographs and I hope that they enjoy these photos for many many years to come.
Many thanks to my colleague Christina Cassaro for second shooting this beautiful wedding with me.

February 08, 2014120835
February 08, 2014122326
February 08, 2014122822-2
February 08, 2014123036
February 08, 2014124706-2
February 08, 2014130753
February 08, 2014132426
February 08, 2014132519
February 08, 2014133217
February 08, 2014133613
February 08, 2014134447
February 08, 2014144004
February 08, 2014144257
February 08, 2014144352
February 08, 2014144549
February 08, 2014144648
February 08, 2014145821
February 08, 2014152016-2
February 08, 2014152333-2
February 08, 2014152705
February 08, 2014153355
February 08, 2014153436-3
February 08, 2014160449
February 08, 2014170220-3
February 08, 2014170512-2
February 08, 2014170616-2
February 08, 2014171006-2
February 08, 2014171501
February 08, 2014172252-2
February 08, 2014172421
February 08, 2014173136
February 08, 2014150830
February 08, 2014151138
February 08, 2014175824-2
February 08, 2014185835
February 08, 2014185848

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D and F | Toronto City Hall

Often,  a simple City Hall wedding turns out to be one of my favorite weddings.  I think it’s because couples who have an intimate ceremony don’t get all caught up in the show.  They simply and truly are there to express their love for one another.  It’s a privilege for me to share in these moments.
D and F had a really beautiful Toronto City Hall wedding this January and although it was small, they weren’t about to give up on beautiful photographs.

It was a beautiful winter’s day.  Not too cold with a hint of Christmas still lingering in the air.
We were super fortunate that the weather was mild and took full advantage buy shooting some stunning outdoor photos.
Here are D and F at Toronto City Hall:

January 14, 2014142832-2
January 14, 2014143339
January 14, 2014143834
January 14, 2014153742
January 14, 2014154312
January 14, 2014154558-2
January 14, 2014151218
January 14, 2014162049
January 14, 2014162440
January 14, 2014163038web

January 14, 2014163950


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  • Flirt Photography - February 16, 2014 - 6:26 am

    Jen!! So beautiful!! What a lovely way to start the new year. Well done, my friend.

New USB’s for Wedding Photography!

I’m excited to show you all my new USB’s for Wedding Clients.
With CD and DVD drives being phased out in new computers, I felt it was time to make the switch.
I’m extremely pleased with these new USB’s because they compliment my brand and feel.

So, all you 2014 wedding clients from here on in, will have these gorgeous items to look forward to!

February 05, 2014121438
February 05, 2014121928

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Jennifer, Scott and Hudson Make 3!

Jennifer is a very talented fellow photographer and practically my neighbour!  We met a couple of years ago and became instant friends.
When Jen became pregnant I was hoping to get the opportunity to photograph her baby belly, but she preferred to wait until the baby was born.
So that’s what we did.  Jen, Scott (her dashing husband) and little Hudson allowed me to come over for a newborn lifestyle session in her home.
It was a wonderful session and I must say Mr. Hudson, performed beautifully.  I generally don’t do newborn sessions anymore but after photographing this incredible little man and his gorgeous family, I might just have to reconsider! LOL!

Please enjoy the highlights from this families lifestyle session!

Jennifer Images
Jennifer Images
Jennifer Images
Jennifer Images
Jennifer Images
Jennifer Images
Jennifer Images
Jennifer Images

jennifer images lifestyle newborn session

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