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A Route Taxi – Negril, Jamaica

This blog entry is going to be a little different.  Usually I tell you all about the beautiful wedding I’ve shot and the amazing bride and groom.
Well, I did shoot a beautiful wedding with an amazing bride and groom in Negril, Jamaica at the beginning of this month however the bride and groom did not want any photos of their faces released to the public.

So instead I’m going to tell you about the route taxis and through this story you are going to learn a little more about me and my tightly wound personality.
For those of you who don’t know what route taxis are, they are taxis that pick up multiple people on their way to various destinations.  They will pick up as many people as they can fit in their car.
Having lived a very sheltered life here in Canada, I had no idea that this type of service existed.

Here comes the funny story part. While leaving the hotel to explore possible photo sites for the wedding day, the wedding planner (Jennifer Borgh, hailed us a route taxi.

The car pulled over and there was a man in the back seat.  I felt a little weird about this.  Jen, sensing my uncomfortability offered to sit in the back with the stranger.  I was grateful for this so I hoped in the car.
The car was now full.  Two passengers in the back and me and the driver in the front.
Jen told the driver we were headed downtown, which seemed a little odd to me as I thought we were literally just going down the street but I say nothing.
After all what do I know?

Approximately 1 minute later I saw two Jamaican men standing by the side of the road.  The taxi then proceeded to pull over to where the two men were standing and they attempted to open the front door where I was sitting.
At this point I started to freak out.  I was literally thinking ” Oh my god!  We’ve just been abducted and are about to be raped and murdered! Why did I get in the car?”
I was not hiding my fear either.  I started to ask what was happening and there was definite fear in my voice.
The taxi driver must have realized that there wasn’t enough room for the two men to get in and pulled back on to the road.

It occurred to me then, that we were still alive and I started trying to figure out what had just happened.
The taxi driver must have thought I was crazy and I sensed that he couldn’t wait to get me out of his car.  All the while Jen was laughing at me.

Looking back I’m sure it was pretty funny, but damn I was frightened.
So for all of you who will travel to Jamaica in the future, and are a scaredy cat like me, I have just saved you some great embarrassment.
You now know what a route taxi is.  🙂

Now back to the wedding.  (No even and attempt at a good segway here).
Here are some beautiful detailed shots from this stunning day.

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