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Behind the scenes

Have you ever wanted to have a sneak peek at what it looks like from the other side of the camera?

We work very hard at being unobtrusive at the weddings we photograph. We usually wear black or neutral colours to blend into the background should we accidentally get photographed but every once in a while we do photographed, so I thought it might be fun to share some of the behind the scenes captures with all of you.  (It’s kind of fun to look back at our changing hairstyles along the way too!)
While we take our work very seriously, it’s important to have fun and love what you do, so occasionally you might catch us being a little silly.

Here are a couple of surprise photos taken of us, while photographing family formals at the Royal Ambassador by Mike Black another great wedding photographer who happened to be shooting at the same venue.

01 - Copy

Being a wedding photographer isn’t easy you know.  We often have to share our space during a wedding, with other equally passionate photographers!


If you want to know where photographers hide, look in the bushes!  Here I am, trying to be…unobtrusive.

June 30, 2012172925

Sometimes however, you just have to come out and mingle with the guests!


Part of our job is preparing a location for a wicked shot. Here we have just set up lighting equipment and I’m testing a few shots of Lisa to make sure it’ll be perfect for the bride and groom!

September 08, 2012215643-2

One of my favorite parts of the day is during the getting ready stages.  Here we followed the boys to the barber shop!  So much fun.
To the right, an action shot of me on a beautiful summer day.  (Taken by Alan Nielson)

behind the scenes

And like I said before, every once in a while you just have to have a little fun! Taken with our dear friends Dan and Laura Forbes!

September 03, 2010191633-2

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