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Introducing Glamour!

As you may have noticed, I have been way too absent on here lately but I am beyond excited about showing you now why.   I have been building a new line of photography catered exclusively to women.  I truly believe that ALL women are beautiful. and when you truly see a woman from the inside, that beauty must be reflected on the outside.
Because of this, I am adding Contemporary Glamour to my portfolio of photography.
For those of you who are worried that I have given up on weddings, rest assured, I have not.  I still love photographing weddings and am just as passionate as ever about them.
In fact I leave for Jamaica in the morning to photograph another fabulous destination wedding.

BUT, you will be seeing much more glamour coming your way from me.
Why glamour?
Because when I think about what inspires me, it’s inspiring others.  I want women to feel beautiful and sensual and more confident than ever before.  I want the over-worked moms, the strong independent ladies, the up and coming young women in the world to see themselves the way I see them.  I want them to celebrate who they are right now, and to invest in that feeling for a lifetime.

We, as women, have been conditioned throughout our lives to either put ourselves last or to apologize for our strength, and I think its time to change that thinking.  Don’t wait until you lose 40lbs.  Don’t wait until your hair grows longer.  Don’t wait until… run out of time.  Do it now.  Celebrate your beauty now.  Your inner and outer beauty.

You don’t need to purchase a fashion inspired make-over session and photographs to do this, but if you need a little push or just want to capture a little bit of now…… forever, this sure are an amazing, fun and beautiful way to do it.

To keep up with my new glamour adventure, you can follow me here:


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