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Megan and Bobby | Royal Ambassador

Winter weddings.  Honestly it’s a love hate relationship for me.  I love how beautiful they are when the conditions are right.  I hate how cold they can be.  In a perfect world a winter wedding would have lots of snow, hard enough to walk on but soft enough to throw.  It would be just zero degrees all the time with no windchill factor and it would truly be a fairy tale.
But the reality of winter weddings is that they are usually freezing cold.  I mean seriously freezing cold. You know that kind of cold when your lungs hurt and your nostrils stick together?  Yeah, that cold.  And pictures are rushed.

Well Megan and Bobby had one of those seriously cold winter weddings.  Growing up Megan and Bobby lived just blocks away from each other and even attended the same high school, but never actually met until almost 20 years later.  They were finally introduced by friends one night.  Three years later they had a beautiful baby boy, and on February 8th they said their vows in front of all of their closest friends and family.  The Royal Ambassador is a gorgeous venue anytime of year and this amazing couple and their friends braved that cold.

In the end, the snow was too deep to walk in, our hands got numb and pictures were rushed, but we got some seriously beautiful photographs and I hope that they enjoy these photos for many many years to come.
Many thanks to my colleague Christina Cassaro for second shooting this beautiful wedding with me.

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