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Robyn and Adam’s Intimate Backyard Wedding

This wedding…..the one you are about to view, is SO special to me!!  You have no idea.  Sometimes I feel like words don’t do me justice.  I speak in photographs so the writing part of this blog is sometimes a struggle but I’ll give it my best shot.

Back in 2007, I met this gorgeous woman Robyn, who hired me to photograph her wedding.  We instantly became friends.
Unfortunately her marriage didn’t last but our friendship did!
Over the years I have photographed her, her friends, and her family and she really has become an extension of my own family to me.

She is a truly special and amazing woman, and I am so honoured to know her!

Needless to say, when she met her dream guy a few years ago, I was so very thrilled for her.
I remember the first thing she said to me when she realized he was the one,  I don’t need another big fancy wedding.
The only thing I NEED is YOU!
Awww…my heart melted.  ( I told you she was special).

As most of you know, I also ADORE intimate weddings so when it turned out that she and Adam were planning a backyard wedding with only their closest friends and family, I was ecstatic!
The unbelievable thing about intimate weddings is that I actually get more time alone with the Bride and Groom, than I do with full day weddings.
Somehow the priorities become about creating memories and not just about traditions and obligations.   So with that,  Robyn, Adam and I made some gorgeous photos of them to treasure forever.
And it’s my pleasure to finally share them with you.



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