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Why I Love Glamour!

Remember back to when you were a little girl.  Were you a girly girl like me?  Did you love to play with make-up and hair?  I did!  I even had a doll head that was made for doing hair and make up.
It was fun playing with make-up colours.  I loved curling, braiding and brushing hair….. I even remember doing my mom’s boyfriend’s hair (or lack of it) at the tender young age of 5, and getting such a kick out of it!  Hehehehe.  I’m smiling even now, thinking back on it.

You may not have had the exact same experiences as me, but I’m sure you remember having loads of fun, experimenting in your own way.
That’s what I love about glamour photography.  It’s just plain fun!  Truly!

And as an added benefit, the women I photograph look absolutely gorgeous in the photos I produce.

By the time most of us grow up, we’ve lost some of that carefree attitude we had in our youth.  In fact MOST women have a distorted view of what they actually look like.  Think about it.  When was the last time you had a portrait taken?  Most women are actually afraid of having their portraits taken, because they truly believe they won’t look good in them.

As a portrait photographer, I believe that showing women how beautiful they really are is my true purpose.  I don’t mean on the outside.  I mean on the inside.

The outside is just the fastest way to talk to the inside.  If a woman sees how beautiful she is to everyone around her, she might just start to believe it.  She might just start to feel a little more confident and eventually begin to see the light inside.  The essence of who she is.  The person everyone else sees the minute she walks in the room.
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